How To Make Cool Videos That Convert!

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In this module I am primarily going to talk about the onscreen work or rather the computer work associated with video flair creation. There are several stages to this creation process and each stage requires it’s own tools. It may seem a little complicated at first but once you understand the basics you’ll be able to contemplate all source of alternative that will speed this process up for you.

Let’s start by covering the things you need. Now obviously if we’re going to be editing video you will need two main components for your project. That is the video clips or the portion that will actually be seen on screen and you will also need the accompanying audio that will be heard as the video plays. It’s important that you understand the clear distinction between these two things. You’re final video file is comprised of two tracks. One is the video stream the other is the audio stream. They need to work together harmoniously and they need to be edited in stages for this to happen.

With every new video project I start the first thing I do is create a new folder on my desktop with the name of the project. Inside of that folder I create two more folders one is named audio the other is named video. Next I go on a scavenger hunt, I envision what I want my final product to look like and I start looking for video clips and images to piece together and achieve my desired look. Some of these pieces may require me to get on camera and shoot original footage, some of the may just require a screen capture on my computer and maybe some of them just require pictures that I am going to flash on my screen at certain points in the video.

The best way to keep focused is to write out an outline with a pen and paper. I like to doodle, what that means is I’ll actually draw little pictures on the paper of what I like to accomplish with my video. I make notes and I follow the basic 5 steps to a presentation, as you learned in , intro, short story, presentation, rehash. You wouldn’t believe how helpful it is to have a piece of paper to refer to as you’re editing video. As a matter of fact, in many respects, it’s a necessity. During editing I find myself having to write down lots of time, locations and frame numbers as references. So it’s very important that you keep a notebook and notes as you create your project.

Throughout all of my experimenting with video I’ve stumbled upon a formula that really works very well to grow my list and make sales. I try to start my video projects with an exciting, animated text clip and I tend to end my videos the same way. These are what I call bookend videos, they can be a word flashing in, a series of pictures or some otherwise distinctive clip that hits the viewer between the eye balls to grab their attention. I always make sure that my bookend clips have cool sound effects. For example, if a word fly’s in really fast you hear a swoosh sound. This is the sort of thing that the big movie companies use in movie trailers to really grab the viewers attention and it has worked wonders for me online as well. I’ve learned to add low music in the background for ambiance in all my videos too.

Another part of my formula that I’ve realized is hugely responsibly for the success of my videos is that in between the bookends not only do I get on camera, but I also find a way to implement photos and screen capture. This makes my overall project dynamic, there are lots of changes going on to keep the viewer engaged. This is particularly important if you’re going to be delivering lengthy messages. Always remember the avatar theory. Avatar is a movie that was nearly 3 hrs long but the time felt to go right by simply because the viewer feels entertained every single minute throughout those three hrs.

Entertaining doesn’t mean you have to be funny or wear a costume, it simply means that you’re not boring. My definition of boring is a three hr lecture by a monotone college professor standing at a podium. But if that professor covered the same subject matter but used several delivery methods, we would be far more engaged. So things like maybe, projector slides, pictures, props and even movie clips can turn any boring college lecture into a fun and entertaining experience even thought the subject matter is the same. This form of thinking is important for you to keep in mind when it comes to video production. 😉

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