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  1. Hey Omar, Michael J Ottman here.

    This is the best way for me to learn because just like in your video, I feel I have had too much information at times, not enough or the wrong information for selling products online.

    Thanks for the membership to Internet Selling For Newbies. I have heard a lot about some of the things presented but I never knew how to implement most of them.

    I guess that’s the difference between knowledge and experience. I love the classroom setting and can’t wait to get to my “homework” for each assignment.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and the wonderful comments you made. It was fun hanging out in Las Vegas together. Thank you also for the pearls of wisdom about internet selling and more importantly for putting together this wonderful product.

    I wish you the best of success during the launch. Every newbie is going to love this for sure.

    Michael J Ottman

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