Ha! Take That – Haters!

So about 6 months ago Mike and I had this unique idea for a Newbies coaching product with a very simple concept-

*A high ticket coaching program sold at a low price

*Give away a portion on a CDRom for no profit (actually at a loss if you consider the $1 exit pop offer)

*Optional micro continuity with a dynamic removeable offer on the order page

It took several months to create and we hit multiple snags. When it came time to launch – JV’s doubted us -many even said “You guys are crazy.. this can’t work I wont promote!” LoL . . hehe . . .

So only a hand full of JV’s promoted day 1 and the analytics were scary for the first couple of hours.. But you tell me if it works or not:

Real Numbers –

(Less traffic than the average Launch Day gets)

– We had 5200 Visitors to the site the first 24 hours

12% Front End Conversion Free CD-Rom for just s&h
(we break even) 633 CD’s shipped FOR DAY 1 ONLY

$147 upgrade (11.7% Conversion)
$10,878 in revenue

Down-sell (13.4% Conversion)
$6545 in additional revenue

Optional Continuity – Average $55 per month
221 For Newsletter (35% Conversion)
55 x 3.5 (Average Life Time Value) x 221 =
$42,500 in estimated future revenue

Total Instant Income = $17,423.00
Future Income Estimated $42,500.00

Total Income From Day One = $59,923.00

(And this was Just day one)

These #’s have actually been increasing as more and more JV’s promote….
Take advantage of this money maker now.


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