How To Build A Massive List & Win Subscribers!

Internet marketing is all about the list. You could have the best product in the world but if you have no one to promote it to it will just sit in your hard drive collecting dust. I am an Internet Marketers dream come true! Let me tell you why… you ready?? Here it is… Because I Buy Everything! I am the most impulsive person on the planet. It only takes a couple of well written lines to get me curious and I just scroll right down and click to buy the product! I have so many eBooks and software products sitting in my hard drive that I can’t even remember what I’ve bought. Sometimes I even buy things twice because the marketer sends me a second email and I forgot I already bought the product! If you are an online marketer trust me, You want people like me on your list!


So why am I telling you all of this? Simple, because I am just like the next guy and I’m certain there are millions of “next guys” out there waiting to find your products and opt in to your list as well. So how do you find a guy like me? Well thats a great question. I’m currently on about 11 different marketers lists every week I join a couple and every week I opt out of a couple as well. (You don’t want to be one of those.) I’ll tell you why I opt out down below. One thing however is a fact, there are a core 5 or 6 lists that I will never opt out of! (You definitely want to be one of those!) These are the guys that send me an email and I open it immediately, I can’t wait to read what they have to say to me today. If they are promoting a product there is a 99.9% chance that I will buy it. They have EARNED my trust.



Three Ways To Find A Guy Like Me:


  1. Listing on Ebay: I found my mentor on Ebay less than a year ago and to date, I must have purchased over $1000 of products directly from him and twice as much in products he has promoted. I actually bought one of his books on eBay for $12 and that one lead me to the next, which lead me to his blog, etc. etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

  2. Posting on Blogs & Forums. Once I learned of his blog, I visited it daily and I was very interested in the comments left by his subscribers. I would click on them and navigate to their site where I would buy their products and join their list and so on and so on. See where I’m going with this?

  3. Writing Articles: Whenever I need something, I’m looking for something, I’m trying to understand something, or I want to buy something I go to one place first. GOOGLE! Google controls like 75% of Internet traffic (or so I read somewhere) but I don’t doubt it. The point is that I love finding articles on Google and I almost always buy products that way.


Three Ways To Loose A Guy Like Me:


  1. Over Promote: There’s a couple of marketers whose initial products were great but it seems the moment I opted in their list I became a $ (dollar symbol) All they do is email me affiliate links and promotional emails day after day. It becomes old rather quickly

  2. Email Me Constantly: Some marketers just don’t know when to “Chill Out” They get happy with the “Send” button. No Lie, I have this one marketer that emailed me 3 times per day all last week. My inbox was flooded with his emails. And all of it was propaganda. No good advice or anything that could benefit me right from the email. Just a bunch of smoke & mirrors to lure me to another product.

  3. Don’t Offer Me Freebies: I’m a sucker for the word FREE (but only when I find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) If you say you’re gonna help me with some thing free. Then actually give me something free that helps. Not just a two page brandable report that tells me to go buy a product. Thats just insulting.

    To Your Success,

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