Edify your prospect and Close the sale with E. E. E.

I hate it when sales people argue, especially if they argue with customers. I mean really, think about that for a second. Is it really that important that you be right all the time? I mean come on.. how old are you? When was the last time you had an argument with your husband or wife and at the end, they turned and handed you money. Probably never right? Well why do you expect a customer to do that.

I know what your saying, some customers are difficult and they come to the bargaining table with ridiculous beliefs and preconceived notions that are usually completely inaccurate. But who’s the difficult one if you truly believe you can argue your way into making a sale? NEVER EVER argue with a customer, never take a confrontational position on ANY subject with a prospect. Empathize, Edify and Educate them instead. Tell them that you understand their point of view, praise them for being educated and concerned then educated them with your experience and product knowledge. Do this in a way that the prospect can relate to. Tailor your education to their specific needs.

Always keep the energy positive during a presentation. This may mean biting your tongue from time to time and enduring some ridiculous and convoluted psycho babble from a customer. Just remember, Empathize, Edify, Educate. You will attract more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.

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