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I must say this…

There are some shady characters in the Internet Marketing Space.

There are also a lot of colorful ones acting like know-it-all’s (when they really don’t have a freaking clue about business) and they’re just baffling the zombies with their bullshit.

It appears that everyone and their mother is an internet marketing teacher now a days. People with ZERO experience go and do some google searches on a topic and then position themselves as experts in that niche.

I see list building products being launched by people with tiny little lists (if any). I see traffic products being launched by people begging for traffic themselves. I see video production products being launched by people who’s videos look and sound like shit. And I see newbies flocking to buy this crap like zombies simply because they don’t know any better. This is why the great majority of internet success seekers fail miserably.

I have met A LOT of people in this industry over the past five years. Some of them I quickly saw that I needed to stay away, others took a while to figure out what they were really about. I’ve made A LOT of friends and I’ve met some truly brilliant people. The best part of this is the friendships I’ve cultivated with some of these industry leaders. These friendships extend much further than just business.

Yesterday I had a 4 HOUR conversation with one of these industry experts. A true beacon of hope for our community. A business man and Internet marketer that truly cares about people and produces products that work and improve peoples lives. Out of the thousands of internet marketers that I know personally, this one individual is in the top 3 when it comes to providing value and caring for our community.

During this call we spoke about life, diets, current events, upcoming launches and software developments. He revealed to me what I must say is probably the most amazing internet marketing tool I’ve ever seen. A tool that will replace over half a dozen things that I’m currently using. A truly innovative and life changing product if there has ever been one.

This beacon of hope couldn’t have come at a better time
, at a time when there is so much opacity in our community. A time where wannabees are using smoke and mirrors to baffle zombies with substandard imitations of existing products. At a time where self proclaimed experts are blatantly stealing the work of others and releasing it as their own on public forums. I sat in awe and tried to remain calm as I watched amazing technological breakthroughs demonstrated right in front of my eyes. By far the most unique and revolutionary mountain of features that no other software on the market well ever come close to emulating. Truly ground breaking stuff.

I couldn’t sleep. After the call my mind was spinning with ideas, ideas that were given rise by a software tool. A revolutionary new tool that gives RISE. This tool will elevate my business, and speed up practically everything I do. I can’t give you any more details at the moment even though I actually want to scream it from the internet roof tops.

I will say this… A big thank you to my friend Josh Bartlett you are an inspiration in many ways and if I was asked to sum up EVS in two words they would be….


People better get ready.


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