So What The Heck Is TWITTER?  Well, Mike Filsaime sent me an email last week and I  couldn’t have said it better myself… so here it is:

If you are like many. You are wondering what the heck is TWITTER. If you are like SOME, you have already realized that Twitter has become one of the most revolutionary communication tools on the planet.Heck, even the new President of the USA, Barack Obama, uses Twitter. In fact, he has more followers that ANYONE in the world. Why is Twitter one of the most revolutionary communications tools? Well, imagine if you combined the following:

– Blogging (Twitter is actually Micro Blogging)
– SMS text messaging
– Instant Messaging
– Chat Rooms
– Communities Forums and Social Networks
– Personal Email
– Email Broadcasting
– Search
– Viral Marketing

What would you have?You would have the most addicting, most powerful, and most incredible ommunication tool ever made.TWITTER can be used as a marketing tool, but beware. It is a relationship building tool and he marketing is a NATURAL byproduct of the relationship you make with people as you build self and brand wareness.

It works with your Laptop or PC or MAC. It works on your iPhone or cell phone.There are dozens of “Apps” and websites popping up that support it for sending not just quick updates, but pictures and even maps of where you are right now.I would LOVE to tell you all the cool “Apps” there is for Twitter, but for now I just want to talk to you about twitter and maybe a few “APPS” you should use. First off let me get this point out. YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND what the heck TWITTER is until you

1 – Join
2 – Follow 10 people you like (you can search for people)
3 – Make your first “Tweet”

I also HIGHLY recommend you install “Twhirl” (Google it) Twhirl allows you to use Twitter more effectively, sort of like a an Instant Messenger Client like Yahoo Instant Messenger or AIM etc… So what Tweets are good? Anything really.

– What you are reading now.
– Ask a question
– Take a poll
– What you thought of a TV show you just watched
– When your new website is going to launch
– Ask what is a good name for your new book
– A picture of your cat
– Ask what are the top 10 MUST HAVE Twitter Apps.
– Reply to someone else’s tweet publicly or private to them.
– Retweet someone else’s tweet that you like.


It is my predication, as well as MANY, that Twitter will become a MUST have tool for your business and life. Start using it and start “tweeting” and watch how people start to follow you. Hint: reply to other peoples Tweets with interesting stuff, and people will find you. Why, that person will reply with YOUR name and many will see you.

Example if You reply to me. I may reply to you like
@johndoe, You really did not like that movie. I did.
But I will make sure to watch the Brad Pitt one as you

Now all my followers will see his name and can follow him with 1 click! Now John Doe can communicate with his followers. When I first started using Twitter, my followers were slow. But now new people are following me each day. I even add a note in my SIG file when I email people to follow me on Twitter and put logs to do the same on my blog. *** So I will make a deal with you *** Follow me and… …I WILL FOLLOW YOU. FOR EVER (As long as you do not spam or just trash talk etc.. – Oh, and please upload a photo or avatar and fill out your profile. Trust me it helps.) So if you want me to follow YOU as well, just get started and follow me. You can go to:

If you do NOT have an account, Just click the BIG GREEN “Join Today” button and you will follow me and I will in return follow you!  If you ALREADY have a Twitter Account, Just click the gray “Follow” button under my picture and you are all set and I will in return follow you. Remember, download Twhirl (it’s free) and use it every day. This is JUST AS IMPORTANT has list building. I hope to see you on Twitter! I look forward to seeing what you are up to.

To Your Twitter Success!!

Omar Martin


  1. Hi Omar
    I am new to twitter and have a lot to learn thanks for the info, I will try to download Twhirl.

    thank you for your time

    Patrick McFeely

  2. Hello Omar, I have accepted to request to follow you,so how do I join venture with you. I would like to make a business out of this program Twitter.

    I have a business opportunity, that i would like for you to review, and to see if you would joint venture with me on Twitter. Here is the link to my site.

    Ed 🙂

    Hey, Happy New Year Omar…!

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