Squeeze Page Process Map

Squeeze Page Set Up For List Building

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There are many types of squeeze pages, this module explains the basic squeeze page fundamentals. This is the process map that I review in the video. Click to expand:
Squeeze Page Process Map

Squeeze page is made of three pages, a landing page, a confirmation page and a download page. The main purpose of a squeeze page is to capture the visitors name and email address. This is typically done by way of an ethical bribe. An ethical bribe is where you offer something of value for free in exchange for the visitor to subscribe to your list.

Regardless of how good your free gift is or how enticing your bribe sounds, it all means diddly squat without traffic. It’s important that you understand that traffic is the life blood of your squeeze page and list building. Therefore you must set aside time to drive traffic daily. No traffic is free. There are two ways that you pay for traffic, you can pay with money or you can pay with time.

The landing page is the first thing your visitor sees. The key to a successful squeeze landing page is to keep the design simple. Avoid fancy graphics that distract the visitors eyes from the message. Studies have found that a product image on the left and a web form on the right tends to work best. Create a captivating headline and use simple copy points to describe your freebie. I have over 2 dozen squeeze pages, take a look at the most successful one below. I have split tested every single part of this page and this was the winning formula: SEE IT HERE.

The moment your visitor clicks the submit button, they must be taken to a confirmation page. Do not overlook this step. Always ask your visitor to confirm their subscription before they get their free product. I recommend an audio message with exact instruction. Many auto responders do this for you.

Once the customer goes to their email and clicks on the confirmation link, they are officially subscribed to your list. It is very important that you keep in contact with them as a smart marketer, you will have a pre-made auto responder series of emails, at least 30 of them. These emails are preset into your campaign to go out every 3 to 4 days. Use these emails to build a relationship with the subscriber.

Now its time to deliver the free product. I suggest that you always do this by means of a download page. Don’t just send them the link to the product in an email. By sending them to a download page, with a link to the product, you can also make them affiliate offers or invite them to another one of your websites.

The final thing that you remember in the whole squeeze process is that you’re in business to make money, not to collect names. Always try to monetize the back end of your opt in process with offers to congruent affiliate products. This means that if they opted in for a dog training book, you should suggest dog training products and not an ebook about stock trading. Also, invite them back to your blog to learn more about you.

Here is a link to a FREE SQUEEZE PAGE TEMPLATE that has worked well for me.

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