Is Facebook The Answer?

You may have seen my recent status update “Facebook is king.” and wondered “what on Earth is Omar talking about now?” It feels like only a few years ago we first heard the term “America Online” and wondered what the heck that was. Then shortly after that everyone was talking about “Dot Coms” and people began to have Email addresses to go along with their big bulky gray Motorola flip phones. Time flies ehh?

Here we are in 2010, sounds more like the title of a Sci-Fi movie to me than the current year, but never the less it is in fact 2010 and a new age is upon us. Not quite like the age predicted by George Orwell in “1984” but it is quite an exciting time to be alive indeed. These times are exciting to me because never before in history have humans seen such rapid evolution in technology. The printing press was invented only 600 years ago and that sparked the Industrial Revolution, a futuristic age of advanced communication. The printing press enabled humans to share information with one another at huge speeds.

Before the mass production of books, a doctor would spend his whole life learning about medicine and then die before sharing his discoveries. The printing press enabled the learning and sharing of knowledge around the world through books like never before. Nowadays doctors and all sorts of professionals around the world can share knowledge, and experiences at lightning speed. The communication age has never been faster. The internet was the catalyst for this recent communication evolution and now there is one website that has altered the communication landscape forever. Facebook.

Make No Mistake About It, Facebook is not a fad. With now well over 500 Million users if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest country on the planet. More people are on Facebook at any given time than any other website on the web, including Google. Facebook has become the meeting grounds for reconnection with old friends that you may have otherwise never spoken to again in your life. In 2009 1 of every 8 couple who got married met on Facebook.

A couple of years ago we were all talking about Twitter, a free website that allowed us to “Tweet” with followers in 140 character messages. The commercialization of “Smart phones” like the Apple I-phone and Google Android enabled mobile web surfing and “Tweeting” so one could update the world of “What They Are Doing Now” in real time. Advances in Camera phones began to enable us to load instant “Life” photo’s and videos like never before. More and more people became hooked on the web as a way to “stay connected” with the real world. And now… Facebook has combined all of the above under one roof to become an online “human connection superpower”.

As entrepreneurs it would be foolish for us to ignore the power of Facebook. No platform, or medium has ever brought together a greater aggregation of potential customers under one roof than Facebook. It has become so powerful that it reminds me of “Skynet” becoming self aware in the “Terminator” movies. Even though self awareness is a bit far fetched for now, Facebook marketing is a very grounded concept with a great deal of merit. It just makes common business sense to attract business with Facebook.

Whether you have an existing business and you want to attract customers or even if you want to build a complete NEW business model around the potential buyers already on Facebook, now is the time. There is tons of opportunity in all niches. As a matter of fact, Facebook allows you to specifically target individuals based on interests that they have listed on their profile. This is sooooo much more targeted than Google ever could be. You don’t need to be an expert marketer to do this either, heck, you don’t even need to have your own product. You could simply be the “middle man” that connects people on facebook with a product they need while keeping a nice commission for yourself.

The opportunities for Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs like us are limitless on Facebook once you know what to do. By the way, learning what to do doesn’t require a PhD in marketing either. All it takes is a little bit of your time and effort. As a matter of fact, if you are truly serious about leveraging the power of Facebook to make money online, I strongly suggest that you start by watching THIS VIDEO. It’s short and sweet and will point you in the right direction!

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To Your Facebook Success!
Omar Martin

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