Facebook Mini Course Review – Manie Amari WSO

As most of you are aware I don’t do product reviews. It’s either an endorsement or nothing. However there’s this product that I came across, which is a little different to what is already out there and it was created by one of my students, who has excelled in my teachings. In fact he kinda listened to all the advice I gave him and went out there and got busy with his own projects. His is name is Manie Amari

Manie has managed to find a way to monetize the basic skills used with Facebook. I wasn’t expecting much when he mentioned he was launching something in my private Facebook group. However, after getting a hard copy of the training and tools he put together I was shocked.

For starters he isn’t actually charging for it. Yes you heard me right I thought he was mad to give this all away for free. But hey there is a lot of value in it. SEE FOR YOURSELF

Facebook has been killed over in the market place with product after product. Rarely do I come across something innovative that is simple to implement and do. Manie has over delivered here with his Mini Fan Page video course. More importantly I started to see how this could work with one of my other products. Here is a brief review of what you’ll find inside:

  1. It is a very well laid out course with videos, cheat sheets, FB templates and PDF’s to compliment the training.
  2. You a couple effective methods for securing FB social deals, which can be tricky in many aspects.
  3. You get Step-by-step tutorial videos that show you each and every step of the way what need to do.
  4. Manie reveals some of the strategies he has been using to increase engagement on his page.
  5. We all know the money is in the list and with this course you learn the most direct methods for converting fans into subscribers.

One thing I don’t see much of in these Facebook products is social ranking. Manie covers some of the things that are hot buying points for most business owners looking to go social with their business

Overall this product is well rounded and presented in easy to follow guides and steps. But most importantly it is FREE for a limited time only. Don’t waste time passing this offer up as it’s only available for a limited time only.

I’ve been informed that there are no OTO offers and you get everything advertised plus a bonus when you grab a copy.


To your success
Omar Martin

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