This Is My SHARE MODAL Test Page!

In this area I would tell charlie that they can access their free material on the next page by logging in with facebook. this button current behvior is set to OPTION 1.

I tested all FIVE of share modal behavior methods as follows.

STYLE 1 - This style is called "2 Step Optional Share w/ Auto-redirect" and it should take the user directly to the redirect page and banner while opening the share modal over that page. If the user shares or closes the modal the redirect page is underneath for them to access the material they were promised. Name and email should be passed to autorepsonder on first click regardless of modal behavior.

STYLE 2 - This style is called "2 Step Flow Optional share" and it should pop the share modal right on the vtb button click before navigating to the redirect page. The user has the option of sharing OR closing the share modal by Xing out. Either option will navigate them to the redirect page and download banner thereby removing the "forced" share.

STYLE 3 - This style is called "Forced Share" and it is the classic VTB sharing process. On clicking the VTB button the user name email should be pulled from fb and added to the autorespoonder AND a share modal should appear. The user will only be taken to the redirect page and download banner after they share on Fb. This can be seen as problematic by Facebook.

STYLE 4 - This style is called 2 Step Download Share and it should pop the share modal when the download bitton is clicked on the banner. The download should happen as the share modal pops (not after).

STYLE 5 - This style is called 2 Step Link Share and it should display a text link below the download button on the banner. The button and share link should function independently.

[VTBFacebookShare id=1]

PLEASE NOTE: I thought it was worth mentioning that I went to the Dev tab and cleared all settings to start fresh for this test. I initially tried just installing the plugin and checking an exsiting campaign and it defaulted to option 1 when I clicked the button. It went straight to the redirect page and download banner but there was no modal displayed. So, even though a pre-existing campaign from before the update did take on the new default behavior that behavior did not work as intended.

ALSO: The accordian in the VTB settings and campaign edit ecreens appears "glitchy" on this site. Not sure if thats new from this update. It just behaves differently bthan I'm used to seeing. By glitchy I mean that whenever i click to "edit" a campaign it goes to an open accordian and then it closes it right away. Its super fast so it looks like a glitch in the matrix.

The other glitch I noticed was that every time I go back in to edit a campaign that was set on share modal option 1 it is no longer on that option but rather it displays option 2 in the pull down menu.