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Bonus #1 Your First $10k With JVZoo Member

You will be able to attend this upcoming Live ONLINE WORKSHOP where Omar & Melinda Martin will breakdown the steps you can take to make your first $10,000 with JVZoo Memember. This session will be recorded in case you can't attend live. We will go step by step as we reveal the key factors to creating creating and launching a profitablke membership site.

Bonus #2  Behind The Membership Scenes

This will be a LIVE WEBINAR where Omar and Melinda will draw back the curtain to revail the "not so glamorous" side of managing membership sites. You absolutely NEED to attend this because they will cover the ways to fight attrition, save cancelations, decrease support and INCREASE LONG TERM PROFITS. This is REAL training from REAL experience.

Bonus #3  Sales COPY Format Sheet

This is the ultimate guide for creating sales pages that convert visitors in to loyal RECURRING customers. This PDF document contains the exact layout and sales copy format that you need to replicate. Each section contains an explination and instructions of what you need to insert and HOW to write it. This format has sold millions of dollars in memberships.

Bonus #4  Kick Ass Sales Pages

This training course will show you how to create practically ANY kind of sales message for any kind of audience. This is important because not all businesses are the same and not all audiences are the same. There is no "one size fits all" template that can make your membership site convert. This video series will give you the upper hand.

Bonus #5  Content Nitrous

This video training course is a basic requirement for membership site owners! Content Nitrous will teach you how to easily increase the percieved value of your members area so that people continue wanting to pay you month after moneth. This is a mandatory course because just ONE method alone will give your site an instant cash injection and reduce customer support.

Bonus #6  Affiliate Builder

This video training course will show you EXACTLY how to get affiliates to promote your membership site and how to KEEP THEM promoting month after month. Targeted referalls are the lifeblood of your membership site and there is no better traffic for that than JV TRAFFIC. This video course teaches you how to attract, recruite and RETAIN your affiliates.

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