I Love To J.V. With The “Right” People

I want to sincerely thank you for considering to partner with me.  Since I started internet marketing I have always been open minded to joint ventures with like minded entrepreneurs. As my business has grown so have the amount of JV requests. I wish that I could partner with everyone, but unfortunately I get way too many JV requests and even if every one of those products would appeal to my subscribers, there just aren’t enough days in the week to promote them. Concurrently, I genuinely value my subscribers and I just cant email random offers to them in hopes that someone buys so I can make a quick buck. If that’s what your looking for then I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully decline.

However, with that said… if you have a product of merit that would appeal to and benefit the lives of my subscribers in the Internet Marketing, Direct Sales or Sales Management Niches, I would be glad to consider promoting it. Now, I can not make any promises about a joint venture, but if you email me an evaluation copy of your product I will review it and get back to you as time permits. I am open to do an adswap with you if you have a valuable product to offer my members and a list greater than 30k subscribers.

Okay… now that the formalities are out of the way, please allow me to be blunt… (ear muffs on for the kids)

The internet marketing space has become quite a pitch fest lately and it is increasingly difficult for people to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have a substantial amount of followers and I treat them like gold. I don’t peddle garbage to them. I don’t sell my leads or my unsubscribes. I look at my list members as PEOPLE not data. I don’t care how high your product is converting and how many screen shots of profits or “who’s on board” you can show me. I care about VALUE and how you will treat my subscribers once they become your customers. How much value does your product provide and are you selling it ethically?

I do not promote blind offers. I seek to align myself with like minded entrepreneurs by choice. Life is too short to live with the stress compromising my ethics.

Look, here’s how I feel about JV Partnerships…  They are a PARTNERSHIP. That means 2 people helping one another towards a common business goal. I will only promote those that are willing to promote for me in return. Period. We can each select from thousands of proven high converting ethical offers on a wide array of networks to fill our promo calendar. There is no risk involved when I do that and I am guaranteed to earn approx 20k per month in the process, just from my email promos. When someone asks me to promote for THEM instead of my regularly scheduled promo (that is guaranteed to convert)… well that’s a risk each time. So many things can go wrong… the offer might not convert, there may be high refunds or poor customer service, and I may not get paid as promised. These are always concerns.

If I review someones product and it is up to par.. and then I take the risk of promoting it. That person should be willing to do the same for me. As a matter of fact, I am more inclined to promote for someone that HAS ALREADY made sales for me. (HINT- HINT) If I wanted to promote a product without reciprocation I would just chose from anyone of the thousands already proven to convert on any of the affiliate networks out there. That means, If I chose to promote for YOU then I expect a return mailing and I expect to be paid accurately and promptly. And honestly…  it’s a shame that I even have to mention it, but reality is that I DO.

If you are doing a product launch then the product should be available for review long before the launch date and I request that you contact me AT LEAST 30 days prior to your scheduled launch. Do not ASSume that I am “already onboard”. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU PERMITTED TO USE MY NAME OR PICTURE ON YOUR SITES WITHOUT MY PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL.

So if you are still reading this let me ask you…  do you think I’m a dick now? … OR… do you think I’m a prudent business man? Either way… this post has done exactly what it was supposed to, it either aligned us as potential JV partners or it distanced us. Remember, I do this as an HONEST and lucrative living and I am an expert at what I do. I provide abundant value and superior customer service and I demand the same from my partners. It’s business, not personal and it doesn’t mean we can’t be acquaintances or even friends on some other level.

Being an expert means that I’ve been doing this profitably for quite some time and I have a keen eye for what products will do well and what products wont. Especially to my own subscribers because I know them best. That means that if I review your product and it doesn’t meet my standards or if I don’t feel it will convert well for my list I’M GONNA TELL YOU. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I would appreciate the same honesty from you about any of my own products.

Promoting any one of my products is easy, simply go to the PRODUCTS PAGE of this very website where you can review all of my products. At each of my websites you can become an affiliate and use the promotion tools that I provide. Please don’t contact me asking for a free product offering promises of huge promotions in exchange. I’ve been down that road before and I know exactly where it leads, so again…  I will have to respectfully decline.

We currently have a very high converting webinar offer for MyUnfairAdvantage. The webinar is called IMEvolution, and if you are interested in partnering with me or getting me to promote for you… that is a good place to start. You can call our office and speak to Melinda (The Boss) to get more details about scheduling a personal webinar. Our office phone # is 866-205-3389 Also.. if you are an expert in a particular aspect of Internet Marketing we would be interested in discussing the possibility of having you as a guest on one of our weekly MUA webinars.

Like with anything else, when it comes to approaching other marketers in hopes of getting them to promote or endorse your product, there is a right way and a WRONG way of doing it. If you go through the proper channels and you are patient and you PROVIDE VALUE FIRST. You are more likely to get noticed and earn a JV.

Once more I would like to thank you for considering to partner with me and I look forward to communicating with you in the near future.

To Your Sales Success!

Omar Martin

P.S.- Contact us below so that we can review your product.

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