Coastal Vacations offers 5 Cruises for only $1,299. What’s the catch?

Okay, I truly am not going to become one of these people that only uses their blogs to advertise and make money. I promise. Since day one I have been committed solely to providing concise valuable content to my subscribers. And if you scroll down the page and peruse the archives thats just what you’ll find. But every once in a while a product comes along that you just want to share with the whole world!!!

My wife and I have been so happy with our Coastal Vacations level one travel package that we just wanted to share it with you. Everyone should buy one of these because it is soooo worth the money. Get this… 5 cruises, yes FIVE CRUISES for only $1299. When I first saw this I thougt for sure it was a scam. But trust me, I am the most skeptical buyer on the planet and boy did I look into it. I called everyone and then decided to go ahead and buy it. Heck I’ve paid more than that for just one cruise. And by the way, these aren’t little rinky dink 2 day cruises or Ferry rides. I’m talking full blown week long cruises to Nassau Bahamas and sooo much more. I know, I know, I sound like a commercial here but this is just exciting to me.

When we got our package they also included 25 vacations (really just hotel stays) and a bunch of discount cards for all sorts of other stuff. This thing isn’t like a membership or anything it was just a one time purchase. And guess what…. I didn’t have to attend a time share presentation! (I hate those things.) Anyway, if you’ve been thinking of taking a cruise don’t throw away your money when you can get 5 cruises for the price of one. If you are interested you can learn more here: Coastal Vacations Package.

To your enjoyment,

Omar (& Melinda)

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