Black Ops Adsense Review – Ryan & Emma Powell WSO

I don’t do too many product reviews and in all sincerity this is more of an endorsement and a “heads up” more than anything else. For starters this product is by a super amazing husband and wife team just like Melinda and myself. Their names are Emma & Ryan and they are accompanied by Jeremy Ivens on this product launch.

I raised a Spock eyebrow at this product when I first heard of it simply because of the word “Adsense”. I’ve never really had much success with Adsense.  I mean don’t get me wrong… I have made a little bit of money by placing Adsense on a few of my sites through out the years but lets just say it wasn’t anything to write home about.

I decided to look into Black Ops Adsense to see what all the “buzz” was about and to see if there is a real opportunity to make money with Adsense now a days. When I started looking through the material I quickly realized several reasons why I hadn’t made much money with Adsense in the past.  Here is a breif review of what you’ll find inside.

Black Ops Adsense is a comprehensive Adsense video course that can get you earning an income from Adsense in a short time.

The course was developed by Ryan & Emma Powell husband & wife internet marketing team and Jermey Ivens US internet marketer, together they collaborated to develop this course with no step left out.

Its a very well laid out course with videos and PDF to compliment the training.

There is a definite focus on effective keyword research and strategies in selecting profitable niches, which is essentially at the heart of adsense earnings.

The course covers SEO in a way the withstands even the most recent Google updates, however still offers a variety of quality traffic sources for your blog even without SEO, ultimately the best of both “traffic’ methods!

One of the stand out features is the 4 week backlinking strategy, follow this to secure your quality backlinks and get your site ranked in the shortest possible time.

Even if you have never built an adsense site before you could easily complete this training, follow the steps and confidently build and rank an adsense website.

Something that this course covers that many overlook are exit strategies. If you are in need of instant cash flow the course offers bonus training on exactly how to sell adsense websites on the world’s most popular website selling platform flippa.

Overall a very well rounded and informative product, which if you do happen to pick up I would also recommend the OTO.

The OTO itself is immense value, its a 3 part offer. the first part is video training on how to set up an manage all your websites from one control panel….. if you have more than 1 website this is a MUST have!!! The other 2 components are FRESH keyword research in 7 of the hottest niches with good searches and CPC over $20, some are over $100!!! The third component is 7 adsense ready already customized themes to match the keywords so that all you have to is add content!

Black Ops Adsense is the best and most comprehensive Adsense guides in 2012. I have definitely REdiscovered a powerful income source thanks to Emma, Ryan and Jeremy.

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